Slips, trips or falls can happen in a supermarket, on the pavement, at another personís property or another public place.

We will make investigations with the Police, the Council or owner or occupier of the land to ensure that we find the person(s) responsible for your accident.

To assist please secure photographic evidence of the offending pavement or area where the incident occurred before any repair work is undertaken.

Debt claims

Are you owed money?

If you are owed more than £5,000 by a company or an individual for work done or services rendered, we may be able to help you to recover your money. Please contact our Claims Team on 0207 266 7154 who will be happy to help.

We will try to recover sums owed to you. You will not need to pay us unless your debt is recovered. Our fees work on a contingency basis which means that we will take a percentage of your recovered debt.

However, in some instances, bringing legal proceedings becomes necessary if a settlement cannot be reached.

Claim with Confidence has a history of dealing with claims and has particular expertise in negotiation. We have litigation experience so that Court Proceedings can be issued if absolutely necessary. If Court Proceedings are issued, the funding arrangements would need to be reconsidered.

We recognise that each person, company or organisation is different and we would assess each case individually.

Help improve your company’s cash flow and get our team on your side.

Call our Claims Team on 0207 266 7154 for a free initial consultation.


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